We, at Kathi ’n More, love experimenting not just with our Food but also with the ways we can connect with our customers. Some of you must have spotted us just outside ‘The Mall’ in Camberley on Saturday afternoon. For those who missed us, we were out there, on the streets, distributing our free food samples for tasting.

Our Founders, who also form a vital part of our small experiential street marketing team, were themselves engaging with people and our future customers (we hope so!), in areas where they live and love to spend time and thus building ‘out-of-door’ brand engagement.


We found it was an extremely effective way to interact with people and to get on -the-spot feedback from them. We all know that our faces don’t lie and our expressions do reveal how we feel about what we are eating. We had a lot of smiles and the facial expressions and the wows- were all very flattering. We were also lucky as a few of them took some time out from their busy (shopping) schedule and gave us feedback. One of them mentioned how the chicken (from the butter chicken sample) just melted in his mouth and he loved the texture of the curry. Another lady couldn’t stop praising the fragrance of the chicken biryani. We, as food buffs ourselves, try to ensure that the food we serve is authentic and gives our customers a Real Taste of India.

Kathi ’n More was founded with an ideology to promote Indian Food and to do this not just using the modern techniques available to all of us today but also utilising unconventional methods such as ‘street marketing’ and establishing direct contact with our customers.

If you haven’t visited us yet, do pop in and try our authentic Indian dishes at 2A High Street,Camberley. I have to say, our speciality, that you must try, are ‘Kathis’. Kathi is a wrap/roll and is a street-food dish originating from Kolkata in India. I can’t not mention ‘Paneer Gerua’ which is another popular and fast selling dish.

We are sure that with a menu which is far beyond a regular Indian Takeaway, Kathi ’n More can offer you a treat for your palate.

Call us now on 01276 670 189 or 07936 009 060 to place your order or just walk in! Remember, we are open Tuesday to Sunday, 5 pm to 10:30 pm.

See you soon!

Kathi ’n More

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